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14 Feb 如何設置中文語系
Tony 0 1673
Step 1:1. Unzip the zip file2. You will need to use FTP upload the 2 folders "catalog" and admin" to the OpenCart rootWarning: Make sure your OpenCart version is **The folder structures of other versions are different and will not work.**3. Login your opencart admin and go to System > Localisation > LanguagesClick the blue color  "+" button..
14 Feb 中文繁體語言包以外的翻譯
Tony 0 1627
有客人問我為什麼安裝了繁體語言包,但係還有些英文未翻譯好㗎。在這裡解釋一下有什麼還未能翻譯的部份:*因應每間公司都有不同嘅購買商品運輸處理流程,OpenCart主要提供基本簡單樣本,所以在此'本地化'可以根據自己設計增加或減去相關項目。設置 Setting >本地化 Localisation A. 庫存狀態 (Stock Status)現貨供應 In Stock等待2 - 3天 Wait 2~3 days缺貨中 Out of Stock預 購 Pre-OrderB. 退換狀態 (Returns)[1] 待處理 1.Pending[2] 等待退換商品 (預設)  2.Awaiting Replacement[3] 完成訂單 3.CompleteC.退換作業 (Return Actions)更換..
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