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07 Nov What´s new in Opencart 4? How does it affect e-commerce?
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By Devman / February 10, 2023New features in Opencart 4.0 include a complete interface redesign, a new mobile responsive design that is optimized for mobile browsing and shopping experiences, a redesigned admin panel with a more intuitive interface for managing inventory of your store, shipping fees, customer service tickets, etc…First you should k..
10 Sep Free OpenCart installation and DIY tutorial
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1. 系統要求2. 安裝 OpenCart3. 從後台開始4. 下載與上載之解構網頁寄存 - 系統要求要在伺服器上正確安裝OpenCart : 系統要求是Web服務器(Apache建議)PHP 5.3+(1.5.x 至少5.2+)數據庫(MySQLi建議)需求的 PHP庫/模塊CurlZIPZlibGD LibraryMcryptMbstringsXml上述PHP擴展應該幾乎所有網頁寄存的主機供應商都有,在安裝過程中,OpenCart會自動檢查你伺服器是否都有啟用, 如果缺少您可聯絡您的網頁寄存公司。安裝 OpenCart3. 從後台開始4. 下載與上載之解構一切由下而上, 從下載備份,才上載更新..
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