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14 Feb 如何設置中文語系
Tony 0 1673
Step 1:1. Unzip the zip file2. You will need to use FTP upload the 2 folders "catalog" and admin" to the OpenCart rootWarning: Make sure your OpenCart version is **The folder structures of other versions are different and will not work.**3. Login your opencart admin and go to System > Localisation > LanguagesClick the blue color  "+" button..
17 Sep OC 2.3 中文繁體語言包
Tony 0 1887
Opencart 2.1 中文繁體語言包免費下載(附有中英對照)由於OC2.3 中文繁體語言包 (由於過年前趕工,請多多關照。)這兩個多月努力工作的成果,就係同SlaSoft 合作本地化Admin Enhancement modules 及測試應用於OC 2.3。成績令人滿意,可到這裡體驗一下: demoPassword: demo了解了解更多Admin【後台管理更輕鬆系列】Work Smarter Series能快速控制 繁簡中文、英文三國語言前後台- AdminLangSwitch 後台語言切換 PRO- Admin Quick Links 後台快速鏈接- Quick View Copy - PRO 後台快檢拷貝 ..
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