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Open online shop so EASY

In fact, there are many platforms and tools for building online stores on the market. The most important thing in my opinion is not the tool itself, but the technology you master.

Let's take cooking as an example. A housewife asked a professional chef what kind of wok should I buy to cook a delicious meal. I also like to cook, and I would first suggest: boil an egg in a wok that you own, and try using the tools you already have.

Some people say that if you want to do your job well, you must sharpen your tools. I believe that you must first know your tools and understand the principles of use, and then learn to improve your skills. Only by trying and understanding more can you know how to choose and ask questions. . But the problem is that we are too busy with business and still have time to study. In view of this, we provide:

a. Leave it to the experts, it will be done quickly and accurately

b. Do it together under the guidance of experts

c. Learn DIY online and do it yourself

If you run an online store, you can summarize the following facts from the facts:

1. You can DIY, and you can also hire outsourced help. You can make substantial changes to the layout yourself without relying on others.

2. Open source software (English: Open Source) Open source code is widely used on the Internet, and participants need to update a large number of computer source codes.

3. Flexibility, easy to add functions, and the required functions will change with your business.

4. Integration capabilities can be integrated with other third parties without restrictions. Does the online store have an open API interface? Does the SSL Cert have the right to change it?

So the answer is: You must try it yourself first, using different online store front-end and back-end operations and layout design, and then compare what the experts do with what you do.

If you need a powerful and effective LINUX server with unlimited products, unlimited categories and unlimited stores, myOpencart will be your choice. We will thoroughly implement your ideas into every mobile device in the real world. Usability and ease-of-use compatibility, and integration with good logistics partners, multiple choices of payment methods for local users will be key elements for a successful business.

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