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B2. 一小時後台支援服務 (within 2 days)

B2. 一小時後台支援服務 (within 2 days)
B2. 一小時後台支援服務 (within 2 days)

We will help you install plug-ins, perform emergency error repairs or extend and debug within 1 working day.

(Please pay before requesting bug fix)

[Steps and preparations for installing module plug-ins]

*Please provide the correct username/password for Opencart Admin Access and FTP

Technical support steps

step 1. Technical support request

step 2. Submit website management account information (encrypted)

Warning! Before uploading theme files in a production environment, make sure you have tested them before in a development environment. Before uploading your theme files, make sure to create a backup of your original files and database.

Back-end Support Service Terms and Conditions

We do not provide any Opencart backend support, such as customers:

1. Modify the path or code of the OC structure by yourself,

2. Install any extensions yourself. All extensions are only installed and tested by us and published by us to the operating website.

3. Insufficient OC administrator and FTP access rights are not provided.

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Unlimited Blocks, Tabs or Accordions with any HTML content can be assigned to any individual product or to certain groups of products, like entire categories, brands, products with specific options, attributes, price range, etc. You can indicate any criteria via the advanced product assignment mechanism and only those products matching your criteria will display the modules.

Also, any module can be selectively activated per device (desktop/tablet/phone), customer login status and other criteria. Imagine the possibilities. 

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